No two couples are alike and no two wedding ceremonies should be alike. Each wedding ceremony is custom written to reflect the unique nature and desires of the bride and groom. Pastor Scott takes the time personally to meet with you and get to know you. You talk about your wishes and collaboratively discuss with Pastor Scott the many items involved in the service. The outcome of this process is a wedding ceremony that truly embodies your personality, beliefs, and dreams.

The process begins with a phone call, text, or email to set up an initial meeting. At the initial meeting you and Pastor Scott both get a chance to know each other and explore going forward in the planning process. There should be a match or chemistry between the wedding couple and the officiant. Once the couple has decided to move forward Pastor Scott will lead you in discussing and designing your wedding ceremony. The rehearsal and wedding dates are reserved. The location and particulars are noted.

A byproduct of the first meeting is a Draft Wedding Ceremony. This draft is emailed to the wedding couple and is the basis for discussion and revision. A final meeting is scheduled to review and approve the custom tailored wedding ceremony.

The Rehearsal is a time when Pastor Scott will lead all in the wedding party through the ceremony from start to finish. All involved will know their cues and what to do. Pastor Scott will also use that time to calm nerves and allay fears. Pastor Scott will take possession of the Marriage License from the Bride and Groom for safekeeping and to acquire the needed signatures after the Wedding. He will also hand-deliver the Signed Marriage License to the County Recorder after the Wedding.

On the Wedding day Pastor Scott will arrive early to touch base with the bride and groom and all involved. The Wedding will be performed just as planned with the right amount of humor, seriousness, and romance.

Pastor Scott also offers and strongly recommends the couple attend premarital counseling. The Bride and Groom may custom tailor their premarital counseling by choosing the sessions that best fit their need.